Black Thunder

Who once had a chance to shoot a Black Thunder, immediately felt the incomparable stability and absence of vibration which only can be achieved by perfect balance associated with relatively high mass.
Now, you have the opportunity to become one of these enlightened few. Whether you shoot target or field archery sports of if you go hunting, the Black Thunder will give you that absolute precision you have been waiting for until now.

The Black Thunder riser is well-known in bare bow archers circles and it can regularly be seen in the hands of archers who shoot in the top rankings at championships worldwide. The Black Thunder additionally is a competitive olympic recurve riser which can be shot with a fully equipped stabilizer system and a sight. In this combination, due to the high basic weight , the stabilizer system can be equipped with less weight than usual.


The Black Thunder set a milestone in riser-balance and stiffness at the time it was introduced in 2001. At that time the, Black Thunder was designed to take bolt-on limbs with the so-called Talenta system, a very reliable limb type, originally designed by the famous Swiss bowyer Werner Talenta.
Special limbs were only available from two bowyer who handcrafted premium limbs with that fitting. Archers were very content and successful with that combination through a decade.
Nevertheless, to make the Black Thunder technology available to the community of archers with ILF limbs as well, we decided to redesign the Black Thunder and make it ILF compatible.
The outstanding bowyers who made Talenta-compatible limbs for us in the past, can still supply our customers with this limb type. Both bowyers also have started the production of hand made high performance ILF-compatible limbs. So, our customers still have the chance to get something real unique from our partners.


The basic construction elements of the classic Black Thunder remain unchanged in the newer series because that concept has proven reliable since it had been introduced in 2001.
We chose a slightly different ‚rounded‘ design to give this new model a look which makes it immediately distinguishable from the classic Black Thunder. Apart from that this new model is clearly identifiable as a Black Thunder on first sight.
The recent risers of the Black Thunder series are equipped with the ILF limb system and take nearly every ILF limb on the market.
The latest changes were made in the limb pocket where we added a lateral limb alignment system to give archers, who have slightly misaligned or bent limbs, the opportunity to shoot such limbs as well.