Stiffness and weight

Most modern riser constructions follow the demand of archers for less weight and thus the design becomes more filigree.

This trend means a catch-22 for engineers because lightweight construction and stability mostly hinder each other. Due to that, an engineer has to find a compensation for the lesser stability of a lightweight construction by using modern materials, e.g. carbon fibres.

Additionally, more lightweight bows inevitably are prone to vibrations being transferred from the limbs into the riser, which have to be dampened with complex technical measures.

machiningWe are convinced that this is the wrong way!
Every vibration, which has to be dampened, is lost energy.
The Black Thunder is designed to take nearly no vibration due to its rigidity. To achieve this, we only use high tensile aluminum alloy AL 7075.

The physically unavoidable repulse of the bow during the shot is reduced to nearly zero by the relatively high mass of the riser.

rawriserIn total, the benefit of all these attributes is not only a much more precise bow reaction during the shot, but also a gain in arrow speed.

The amount of energy, which has not been wasted as limb-induced vibration and which has not been converted into repulse movement of the riser, is completely available for the acceleration of the arrow.