Originally designed as an olympic recurve riser, the Vanquish shows his advantages as a bare bow, as well.
Besides his new geometry, developed and optimized for maximum speed, the Vanquish combines efficiency and stiffness without compromises.
During the development process we virtually analyzed the stiffness of the riser with FEM-simulations under extreme static and dynamic loads to make sure that this riser can even withstand the stress while being used with 80# limbs.
The Vanquish represents a fusion of experience and innovation.
Besides numerous innovations, like the new geometry and the new unique lateral limb adjustment, also well-tried technical elements, like the longitudinally and vertically adjustable button block, have been integrated into this masterpiece of craftsmanship.
The result of this engineering process is a riser, which combines precision, speed and stability. With our Vanquish, you will have the tool to get to your next level of shooting.

Advantages of the Vanquish


  • Extreme stiffness of the riser, therefor the energy stored in the limbs is transferred almost completely into the acceleration of the arrow and not into vibration or deformation of the riser
  • A plus of precision as result of maximum stiffness
  • Tests show up to 10 fps more speed than conventional risers
  • Deep-Pressure-Point-Geometry minimizes transmission of rotational force into the riser (torque)
  • Velocity-Geometry gives more speed without sacrificing precision
  • The Adjustable Plunger Block (APB) allows the adjustment of the arrow rest to the deeps possible position above the pivot point. This reduces the vertical impact of a bad release on the arrow and minimizes vertical spread = better (vertical) grouping.
  • The new and unique tiller system guarantees an optimal transmission of force into the riser. It is precisely adjustable and the construction allows the cap nut to always have parallel contact to the limb surface for minimal wear of the limb
  • Tiller system with integrated lateral limb adjustment.
  • Prepared for an integrated damper system to minimize vibration at a considerable amount. (Not a product of Stolid Bull Bows, must be purchased by customer, due to license restrictions)
  • The relatively high weight gives the Vanquish his characteristic shooting stability
  • ILF system, fits to nearly every ILF limb on the market.

Our Vanquish is a riser without compromises, made of the best material with highest craftsman's skills.

Designed and made in Germany.

Technical data (may me subject to changes):
Length 26“
Weight approx 1.800 grams (63.5 oz)