Tiller bolt setting

The tiller bolts of the Vanquish / SX are very special because they allow nearly everything concerning tiller, up to the complete destroyment of the limb and/or riser.
We have not built in a limit of what the archer can do and so, there is a higher responsibility of the individual user. Our risers are built for the experienced "power user" who knows, what he/she is doing with his/her equipment, and who know the limits of tuning.
So, be very careful!

Firstly, you will have to determine the max out position of your individual limb set, that is achieveable without creating damage.

How do you do this?
Screw the limb nuts outwards as far as possible (Nuts flush with outer surface of the bolt).
Insert your limbs and let them tilt. The surface of the outer limb base will tend towards the inner side of the limb nut. The limbs will probably not get into tight contact with the limb nut because the movement is limited by the mechanical restriction of the dovetail bolt.
Do not apply force!
Do not string the bow at this stage!
Let the limbs tilt freely.
Check whether there is contact between the limb and the limb nut. If there is a gap inbetween, please screw the limb nut in, until the gap ist closed.
Observe, whether there is an angle between the limb nut surface and the limb base surface. If the surfaces are not aligned parallel, pivot the whole bolt, until you get parallelism between the freely tilting limb and the limb nut.
Check again, whether there is still a gap. If necessary, close the gap with screwing the limb nut inwards.
Once you have found the nut position where the free tilting limb gets full contact to the nut, you have found your individual bolt-out position. From this position you may not further screw out the limb nut! Otherwise you will get heavy mechanical load in the dovetail position which can damage the riser and/or the dovetail.

Do the same with the other limb.

There is also no bolt-in limitation apart from the thread itself. Going too far inward may cause some issues concerning shooting precision, but there is no real danger for your equipment.
We would recommend not to going further inwards than 4, max 5 full revolutions of the limb nut.
The tiller nuts are not meant to significantly add or reduce draw weight, even when possible, but mainly to synchronize your limbs and slightly tune the draw weight for arrow tuning.

Instruction / FAQ section to be continued …