Vanquish SX


Our latest project

Designed as an olympic recurve riser, the Vanquish shows his advantages in an olympic setup and as a bare bow, as well.
The overall length of the Vanquish SX is shortened to 24 inches which allows a more slender construction with less weight without sacrificing stiffness and stability.
We equipped the Vanquish SX with the well proven lateral limb adjustment system that was introduced with our Vanquish riser. We also mill the Vanquish SX out of solid blocks of the same heat treated AL7075 alloy that we use for our other risers.
The Vanquish SX represents a fusion of experience and innovation.

The result of our archery expertise is a riser, which combines precision, speed and stability. With our Vanquish SX, you will have the tool to get to your next level of shooting.

Advantages of the Vanquish SX


  • Extreme stiffness of the riser, therefor the energy stored in the limbs is transferred almost completely into the acceleration of the arrow and not into vibration or deformation of the riser
  • A plus of precision as result of maximum stiffnessmachining
  • Jäger BEST 2.0 grip
  • Less deflex geometry gives more speed without sacrificing precision
  • The unique tiller system guarantees an optimal transmission of force into the riser. It is precisely adjustable and the construction allows the cap nut to always have parallel contact to the limb surface for minimal wear of the limb
  • Tiller system with integrated lateral limb adjustment.
  • Prepared for an integrated damper system to minimize vibration at a considerable amount. (Not a product of Stolid Bull Bows, must be purchased by customer, due to license restrictions)
  • ILF system, fits most limbs on the market.

Our Vanquish SX is a riser without compromises, made of the best material with highest craftsman's skills.

designed and made in Germany.

Technical data
Weight: approx. 1500 g / 47.8 oz
Length: 24“
Tiller adjustment: up to plus 8-10%

Button 5/16 UNF
Stabilizer bushings 5/16 UNF
Sight M5
Clicker M4