Our philosophy

  • We want to supply you with the best tools for archery that you can buy.
  • Our products shall be the foundation for your archery fun and success.
  • We want to sell you a riser that stays in your hands as long as you can shoot and never feel the wish to give it away.
  • Your Stolid Bull bow shall be reliable and durable and you should never have the impression that it is necessary to replace it (except, if you want to replace it with another Stolid Bull bow).

Based on our own competition experience, we have a special approach on how to make archery risers and how they should be designed and manufactured. The sub-pages of this folder will give you some information on how we see things in archery.

You will not find cheaply manufactured mass products on this website or in our web shop.
We produce everything in Germany with little exceptions.
#1 We have our skilled manufacturer for grip shells, Paul Jäger, wo is located in the USA
#2 We also get fantastic grip shells from our friend Aris Kormbetis (RCore)in Greece
#3 The basic clothing for our team shirts is currently still produced in Asia. We are working to fix that, but we need yet a bit of time to find an affordable source for textiles in Germany or at least EU.